Which first?

When working with technology and with big projects, one of the challenges is making sure you have the right people, and enough people, on the team. It’s great to have big projects but if you don’t have the team to do the projects, it turns into a failure.

The challenge is, do you go after the big project first and then put the team together or do you make sure you have the team and then go after the projects?

The advantage of having the projects first is you know where the money is coming from to pay the team. The disadvantage is, if after you get the project you can’t find the right people for the team.

The advantage of putting the team together first is you know you have the people and can do the fulfillment BUT you also have the expense of the people without the revenue coming in to cover them. If you don’t get the big projects soon enough, you lose the team.

With your organizations, do you go after the projects or the team first?

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