Treating everyone fairly

It’s easy to claim you treat everyone fairly.

If you are a car salesperson it’s easy to say that every person who walks on your car lot is treated the same. The question is, is that really true?

Does the person who pulls up in a Mercedes and is wearing an expensive suit get treated better than the person who pulls up driving a beat up car and is wearing dirty jeans and a t shirt?

Does a persons race affect the way you treat them?

Does a persons social class affect the way you treat them (and if it does, are you sure you are correct?)?

Does a persons education level affect the way you treat them?

After answering the questions above, the real question is… are you telling the truth or are you deluding yourself?

The only way to treat everyone fairly is to go in with no preconceptions and make decisions based on the facts and not based on anything else.

Have a great day!


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