Small incentives

I was speaking with someone recently about their business (the industry doesn’t matter but they provide products to law firms and deliver the products). He said a competitor has really hurt them when the competitor started bringing a few freshly baked cookies with them when they made their deliveries and left the cookies with the receptionists. When it was time to place a different order, the receptionists went with the company that brought the cookies. He went on to explain that he has lost customers he has done business with for years because of these cookies.

When I heard this I first thought there must be something else to this. A few cookies aren’t going to change a customers mind. Maybe his products are lacking or his service isn’t where it should be.

Then I started thinking about products such as Cracker Jacks. They have sold millions of units and while some were bought because of the taste, many others were bought because of the prize inside. Same with various kids cereal and other products.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a big thing, just something that separates you from the crowd

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