Law of Attraction – Continued

When I wrote about the Law of Attraction earlier this week I was thinking of it mainly as friends, associates and contacts. Yesterday I was dealing with a deadbeat client, trying to figure out how to get them to pay their bills etc and it dawned on me….why would I want anything to do with them? Whether they ever pay or not doesn’t really affect anything long term so why spend the time and energy around people who simply aren’t worth it? My first thought was “worse case scenario is they never pay” and then it dawned on me that the worse case scenario is they DO pay at which point I would have to continue to deal with them and their like.

Are you working with customers, clients, vendors etc that bring you down? If so…Why? In my case, I took this particular client on with the hope they would refer more clients down the road? Why would I want more of these type of clients (and based on the law of attraction, the likelihood is they would refer others just like them)?

When thinking about the law of attraction, go beyond your friends and acquaintances

Have a great day!


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