Just because they have a voice…

Just because someone has a voice doesn’t mean they have something important to say.

Actors, athletes, business people etc might have a lot of followers, friends, contacts etc but that doesn’t mean they are any better informed than anyone else. Why people think these people’s opinion should carry more weight than some random person is beyond me.

With the chemical leak we are experiencing locally, it’s amazing to read and hear people who feel their uninformed, unintelligent statements are anything more than just stupid. What’s even worse is that some people believe their crap and even repeat it.

Just because an uninformed person refers to something as ‘deadly’ doesn’t mean it is. Just because uninformed people think this is a conspiracy, doesn’t mean it’s true.

We can’t expect these uninformed people to stop trying to spread their nonsense but we can stop listening to them, we can stop supporting them and we can stop stop repeating their garbage.

Just because a person has a voice doesn’t mean they need to be heard or respected.

Have a great day!


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