Here in the Charleston West Virginia area we had a terrible chemical leak last week which has resulted in a “do not use” order regarding all water (with the exception of to extinguish fires and for sewage). This has been a terrible inconvenience for many people and organizations.

As inconvenient as this has been, the most difficult thing is not knowing. Especially in the beginning, not knowing how dangerous it is, how long it would last, or what can and can’t be done was the worst. Not knowing if businesses will be shut down for a day, week or month was the worse.

If we knew when we could drink, bath, etc it would be so much easier to prepare.

As bad as the leak has been, the unknown has been as bad or worse. As more information becomes available, it’s easier to plan, to know, to live.

Information doesn’t fix the leak, or make up for the lost business but it’s a great start.

When bad things happen, make sure as much information is available as possible.

Have a great day!


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