Why let things bother you?

Something happens you didn’t expect. You can complain about it, sulk about it, or keep moving forward.

Yesterday I found out I need to move out of my office space (my lease was up over a year ago and I decided not to renew and instead went on a month to month option knowing if they could rent it to a long term renter they would). A tenant down the hall needed more space so the owner spoke with me yesterday about moving out by the end of January.

My options were

Argue with him about the fact I have been here for a few years etc
Move on and start figuring out my next option

While the first two options would be the easy ones, they don’t accomplish anything. The third option avoids the unnecessary time wasting and frustration and allows me to keep doing what I do and not fret the small stuff

There are so many things in this world that are worth worrying about, why let small things bother you?

Have a great day!


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