Who do you have lunch with?

A couple of weeks ago ESPN featured an article about Baltimore Raven’s Head Coach John Harbaugh’s weekly schedule. It showed what he did and who he met with from the time he woke up to the time he went to bed.

The thing that stood out (besides just how long his work days were) was the number of different people he ate his meals with.

So many business executives tend to have lunch with the same group of people every day (and they tend to be people at the same level as themselves) but doesn’t it make sense to use meals as a way to get a better feel for how things are going?

What is the intern really thinking?

What issues does the receptionist deal with every day?

What does the new sales person feel he needs to be more successful?

Having formal meetings can help gather some of this type of information but sitting down for a meal with someone will allow them to feel a lot more comfortable with sharing their information.

Who do you have lunch with?

Have a great day!


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