What do you value

Wouldn’t it be great to be Michael Jordan (or David Beckham, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jimmy Buffett or any number of wealthy celebrities)? They have great wealth, great fame, great access etc.

On the other hand, how many of us are willing to give up what they have given up? On the one hand they can afford to go to any restaurant, get the best tables and receive wonderful service. On the other hand, they will have no privacy, everything they do will be watched and judged and if they aren’t careful, their next action or word will be posted for all to see.

Is the great wealth worth what they have given up? There isn’t a right or wrong answer but it really comes down to what you value.

The other part is the 10,000 hour rule as Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in his book “Outliers”. While I love basketball and would have loved to have been a top player, I wasn’t willing to put in the thousands of hours it takes the Michael Jordan’s of the world to be the best (nor was I any good at basketball but that is a different issue). It’s easy to watch the superstar on TV and think “I wish that was me” but we forget about all of the time and hard work it took them to get where they are. As an example, I enjoy reading the Berkshire Hathaway annual letter that Warren Buffett writes BUT I wouldn’t be willing to put in the time that it takes to create that document.

Fame and fortune would be nice but it really comes down to what do you value?

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