You can’t think like others

Continuing on the theme of we are all wired differently, one of the mistakes many of us make is to try to think like others.

Without having the other persons background, experiences, beliefs etc, we will never truly understand how other people think.

Instead of trying to guess, why not sit down as ask them? It always surprises me to hear managers/owners of businesses describe how the public thinks of them and then hear their customers who have a completely different view.

Surveys, interviews, focus groups are nice but I still think the best way to find out what people think is to sit down with them and have an honest and open dialogue. Don’t start with set questions because that feels more like an interrogation and not a discussion. Find out what the person likes, what they don’t like, how things can be done differently etc. Don’t disagree, don’t argue, don’t become defensive, just let the person speak and take it all in. After hearing what others think, you might get a better perspective than what you thought they were thinking.

Have a great day!


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