People are wired differently

The other day I overheard a discussion about the training of dogs. They were saying some dogs simply want to please and because of that they are relatively easy to train since they want to make their owners happy. Other dogs simply don’t think that way, pleasing anyone is simply not a concern of theirs. Those dogs are much more difficult to train (if it’s possible at all). They might be motivated (by food or something else) but they are simply wired differently.

This got me thinking about people and their “wiring”. Some people like to please others. Others like to lead others. Others like to be independents. In many cases, it’s not really a choice but rather how they are wired.

Trying to treat everyone the same will result in a failure because of their wiring. Figuring out how each person is wired and treating them accordingly will make a big difference in how they respond.

Have a great day!


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