When negotiating an agreement, it’s important for the people who will be involved at the end to also be involved when the initial consensus has been met.

Too often, groups make an agreement and then bring in the attorney’s and others to finalize the agreement. The problem with this is these people don’t know what is important to each side and frequently they think this is when the negotiations start. While some might consider this to be the case, I think that is bad faith negotiations. Once the consensus has been made, the job is then to make the formal agreement as close to that consensus as is possible while making sure everything is legal. Any type of further negotiation at that point makes the initial consensus obsolete and is why so much time and money is misspent on attorneys and others.

If the people making the initial consensus are not able to make the final agreement (the signed documents) then get those people in earlier otherwise, just continue to waste time and money

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