The grenade method

For many years I was involved with the running of soccer camps during the summers. One of the challenges was making sure the coaches understood that they were there to work with the players and NOT to socialize with each other. The way we dealt with this was to explain the grenade method. This simply meant that if a grenade were to go off at any time during a training session or game, only one coach should be affected. If two coaches are standing next to each other, they would both be affected by the grenade and therefore they weren’t doing what they were supposed to be doing. While there was occasionally a reason for two coaches to discuss a situation but they were surprised how much time they spent doing things other than what they were supposed to be doing.

This method is true in other situations as well. Think how often you have been in a restaurant and while waiting for service you see multiple servers standing around talking. While there might be a valid reason for this occasionally, do you really believe that is the case most of the time?

Using the term “grenade” is not intended to joke about the seriousness of what happens in war but merely is an example which people can relate with.

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