Shared bus

Jim Collins wrote about the importance of getting the right people on the bus. This means making sure you have the right people within your organization.

The typical thing organizations do is look to bring on the right person when an opening arises. Larger organizations can sometimes hire an extremely talented person, even if there isn’t an immediate opening, knowing that in time this person could be extremely valuable. In most cases, smaller organizations don’t have that type of flexibility.

The question is, if it’s important to have the right people on a bus, would it make sense, if you are a small organization, to share the bus with others? If there is a very talented person, who would be a great fit in every way but there isn’t an opening, would isn’t it worth looking to work with another organization to see if you could pool your resources to bring on the talented person for both organizations?

To do this type of pooling, it would require a great deal of communication and openness but potentially could be a great opportunity both the organizations as well as the individual.

Sometimes bus sharing is better than not having the right person on the bus.

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