I would like to introduce to everyone a new recipe website. This site has been built primarily for my own use. It’s a membership site that doesn’t require any type of payment, has no advertising and has no business plan behind it.

The use of the site is quite simple.

Upload your own recipes to your account

Share your recipes with other members (if you so choose, or keep them private)

Email your recipes to anyone with an email address.

Create weekly meal lists

Easily create grocery lists from your weekly meal list.

See other peoples recipes (with their permission).

This is an easy to use program that is web based so can be accessed from any computer.

The way I use this is I create meal lists for the week for myself. I then create a grocery list and then send that to myself so I have it on my phone for when I go to the store. I have also used this program to easily share recipes with friends who want a particular recipe or two.

Are there other sites you can do similar things with? Maybe. This wasn’t built for anyone other than myself so if you check it out and find it helpful, great. If there are other features you would like to see added, it’s something that might happen when free time opens up.

If interested, you can check it and join at

Have a great day!


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