Quotas were intended to help people who need help. Unfortunately, quotas put doubt when it comes to people who are truly talented.

Yesterday I read an article about two college football coaches who are considered possible NFL coaches by the group evaluating minority coaches. This group is trying to get more minorities into higher coaching positions. The two coaches are David Shaw of Stanford University and Charlie Strong of the University of Louisville.

My problem with picking coaches like these two because of their being minorities is it demeans them. They should NOT be considered as head coaching candidates because they are minorities BUT they should both be considered as possible head coaches because they are great at what they do. By selecting them because of their race it diminishes their true qualities.

In the same way that promoting someone who isn’t qualified for a position isn’t fair to them, it’s also unfair when people are promoted who are truly worthy but their credibility gets questioned because a quota is trying to be filled.

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