Giving back

The other day a local business person was asked to help with a project that would benefit the local community. This business person has benefited by having their kickstarter program fund part of their business, a local grant pay for another part of their business and some volunteers work at their business because there wasn’t enough money to pay employees. This business person has benefited tremendously from the community but when a prominent member of the business community asked for some help (this help was simply an hour of time to provide some feedback on a project) the business person turned the request down.

Does this person have the right to turn down the request? Certainly

Does this person have an obligation to help others? No

Should this person be willing to give back to a community who has given so much to this person? In my opinion, YES!

People shouldn’t do favors with the intention of getting something in return (if they do, that isn’t a favor, it’s a transaction) but people should be willing to give back to a community that has helped them.

Whether we want to call it giving back or paying forward, this is something all people should consider doing.

Have a great day!


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