Two people standing next to each other looking in the same direction. You would assume they would see the same thing.

The thing to keep in mind is while we might see the same thing, what our mind envisions can be quite different based on our creativity, our experiences and many other things.

As an example, I can go look at investment properties, which usually require a good deal of renovation or maybe simple some clean up. While other people can look at these houses and see the potential once they are cleaned up and fixed up, typically all I see is a mess. I don’t have the vision to see what these houses can be but rather am stuck with what they currently are. A seller would have to talk to me differently than they would someone with the vision to see what it could look like in order to make a sale.

The problem is when we all assume everyone is seeing what we are. This type of assumption is what frequently results in major disagreements when it comes to value, potential etc.

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