Simple research can make a big difference

Yesterday I ordered a product online. Not a big purchase and from a well respected company that I had never ordered from before.

I placed the order but then had a question and I couldn’t find the answer on their website so I tried calling. My call was directed to the customer service directors number and I got his voice mail. I left a brief message with my name, phone number and question. I did not mention I had already ordered from them.

A couple of hours later the customer service director returned my call, knew exactly what I ordered, had the answer to my question and offered to either change or cancel my order if the answer he provided changed my decision regarding the product. The answer just confirmed that the product I ordered was the right one and I kept my order as originally placed.

My guess is he tool less than a minute to search their database to see if and when I had placed an order before returning my call. This short period of time allowed him to provide a complete answer and to make sure that I will be returning to their company if I need more of this product.

Sometimes simple research makes a big difference in the way people think of you.

Have a great day!


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