Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions. The thing people have to keep in mind is that as soon as they start expressing their opinions they will be impacting their credibility in other peoples eyes.

Their opinion might result in people thinking more highly of them OR it might result in people thinking less highly of them.

Until you know how it might affect the way other people will look at you, you might want to consider keeping your opinions to yourselves (unless you don’t care what others think of you)

If you do care what others think of you, give some thought before you openly express something. Know your audience, know their opinions and their beliefs.

This isn’t about only saying what you think people want to hear. If we only discussed the things we all agreed life would be pretty boring but if you express your opinions that result in others having no respect for you, realize this was something you could have changed.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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