A fine line

Dealing with customers can be quite difficult. The other day I was in a store and needed some help from someone who worked there. They were working with another customer so I tried waiting patiently but when I realized they were spending more time talking about their personal lives then the transaction and after waiting 15 minutes without even being acknowledged I left and went to a different store.

The challenge is if the employee had cut their interaction with the first customer short, it might have annoyed them.

How do you make sure you give each customer the attention they want and deserve? It would be easy to say “hire more help” but that is an expensive way to do it when you can’t count on multiple customers at the same time. If the employee had, at the very least, acknowledged me and said they would be 10 minutes I would have been fine plus it would have let the other customer know there was a “time limit”.

It’s a fine line but figuring out how to keep all of the customers happy is extremely important.

Have a great day!


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