Things stay the same, people change

The other day I was riding from southwest Virginia to Washington DC. The route took us through many back roads and small towns.

Twenty years ago I made this same trip and I remember thinking “why do people live in these remote locations and what do they do there?” At the time I was living in a big city and just couldn’t figure out why anyone would subject themselves to that type of a life.

This time, I saw many of the same things (some of these small towns don’t change much over the course of a couple of decades) and this time I saw the beauty. There was no traffic and people were walking through the downtowns. There weren’t the big box stores instead people were shopping in local mom and pop owned stores. There might not be as many things to do as a big city but people seemed to be doing what they like and enjoying themselves.

What changed?

The towns were pretty much the same, the change was in me. Maybe it was because of some experiences or simply me opening my eyes (and my mind).

When you get a chance, take a real look around with an open mind, you might see things very differently even though the things are the same.

Have a great day!


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