The real costs

When we think about the real costs of a project we frequently think about out of pocket expenses. It’s important to realize there are other costs that can be quite harsh

As an extreme example, what is the real cost of our freedom? We can look at the Department of Defense’s budget or the local police departments budget but what about the other costs?

If two people are planning a terrorist act that might potentially kill thousands of people is it acceptable to take their lives in order to save thousands of other lives? Now we aren’t talking about only dollars and cents but also the value of a life.

People tend to talk about capital punishment where it’s the taking of a life when that person has killed others but what about the life of someone who is planning on killing others?

Is the taking of a life to save many others right?

I have no doubt this is happening and if it weren’t being done I’m not sure I, along with everyone else, would be as safe as we are but I do believe it’s important to understand the real costs of freedom (and of our organizations)

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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