Minimizing and Maximizing

When people speak about sustainability they frequently talk about minimizing ones carbon footprint. This frequently involves everything from recycling to upcycling to reusing to not using. With the earths limited resources, minimizing is certainly important.

However, it’s also important to maximizing ones carbon footprint. This doesn’t mean using more resources but rather using your resources to the utmost. This could include using your time properly. It could mean using your space properly.

As an example, a person with a small house might be minimizing their footprint but a person with a big house who uses the house for fundraising, family gatherings, parties etc might be doing just as effective of a job of maximizing their footprint.

It would be great if everyone could minimize their footprint but it’s just as important for people to maximize what they have as well.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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