Is ignorance an excuse?

I saw a website recently for a state soccer association where they featured a young player each week. The site shows a picture of an 11 year old boy with his name, club and team name. I’m guessing the reason behind this part of the site is to make kids (and their parents) feel good about themselves.

The first question is whether they are even taking into consideration whether they are doing this in a legal way. Does their site need to comply with the children’s privacy act (COPPA)? If they do need to comply, are they in compliance? Most importantly, even if they are legally within their rights to display this information are they morally/ethically right for doing this when you realize it’s putting these children at risk?

With the information being provided on this site, it would be easy for a predator to find out where this young person is practicing or playing and is putting this person at risk.

I don’t know if the people running this site are within their rights for doing so but I have no doubt they are ethically and morally wrong

Are they trying to put kids a risk? Of course not but is ignorance really an excuse?

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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