I can’t imagine what it must be like to be illiterate. There is so much to learn from the written word and it’s just incomprehensible to me how that would be.

As bad as illiteracy must be, the unwillingness to read is almost as bad.

Yesterday I was looking at some laptops on a website and one of them had a very bad review. On a scale of 1-5 the first review gave a 1. The reason given is the laptop was “useless” because it didn’t have a DVD player. In looking at the description of the laptop, it clearly indicated there was no DVD player. This person gave the laptop a bad review because HE COULDN’T or WOULDN’T read.

Another laptop received a bad review because the screen was too small. The description of the laptop clearly stated the dimensions but the buyer didn’t bother to read it or if he did read it, he couldn’t understand and because of his inadequacies, he gave a bad review.

Take the time to read (assuming you can) descriptions. If you don’t, it’s your fault if you make a bad decision

Have a great day!


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