Do,Delegate, Defer or Drop

When discussing a project (whether big or small) you should do one of 4 things for each step


If it’s something you can take care of right away, then do it. Don’t wait, don’t discuss forever, just get it done.

If it’s something you should delegate to have someone else do, then have them do it as soon as possible.

If it’s best to have it done later, then defer it BUT set a deadline to get it done in a timely manner. Deferring is not an excuse to put off indefinitely. It’s not a stalling tactic. It’s not a way to say “no” without having to actually say no. It’s a way to make sure something is done at a specific time.

If it’s something that shouldn’t be done, then say no. Don’t defer, don’t delegate, don’t beat around the bush, step up and be willing to say no, drop it and move on.

Do, delegate, defer or drop.

Have a great day!


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