The right questions

Answering the question can be easier sometimes than asking the right question.

It’s very easy to get the answer you want if you phrase the question in a way that encourages a certain answer. The problem with this is the answer might be correct but the question was probably wrong.

The issue we have to address when asking questions is “are we trying to get a certain answer or are we actually trying to learn something?” If we are simply trying to validate a belief we already have, asking a leading question might accomplish exactly what we want. On the other hand, if we go into the question asking phase without a preconceived notion, we need to really think about how to ask questions to get an open and honest answer and not just to get what the person thinks we want to hear.

The other issue we have to address when asking a question is making sure we are prepared for the real answer. If the question is asked in a way that allows for an honest response but then we aren’t prepared to deal with the truth the person answering might hesitate to provide the truth. It’s important to make sure the other person is aware their honest answer is both welcome and will also be appreciated. If they are afraid to respond honestly because of a fear of repercussions it’s just as bad as asking a bad question.

Asking the right questions takes thought and an open mind. If you do it right, you might be surprised with what you hear.

Have a great day!


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