Sounds all around us

A few days ago a storm hit this area and the power was knocked out for a few hours.. I was at home and noticed a number of sounds I wasn’t accustomed to hearing. First let me start by saying I don’t like air conditioning so never have it on at home. Instead I have ceiling fans in each room and doors and windows open. I also rarely watch TV but do have music in the background most evenings.

Without the sound of the fans and music, I could hear what seemed like every bird known to mankind, I could hear kids playing from a street I can’t even see, I was able to hear a generator from a house over a block away. I heard some rustling in the woods beside my house and saw some deer running. There were loads of other noises I hadn’t noticed before.

This was a good reminder to sometimes turn everything off and really listen to the surroundings. Some of these noises would be annoying but others are quite refreshing and a good reminder of everything that is out there beyond our regular environment.

Have a great day!


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