Proactive vs Reactive

I had the opportunity to meet with a person yesterday whose entire job is being proactive. He is involved, at a high level, in the security industry and as he put it, any situation he has to deal with which he has not anticipated and prepared for is a failure.

People like him plan and then plan some more to be prepared for any situation that might arise and more importantly, they spend most of their time working to prevent the unexpected from happening.

What if more of us spent a much greater emphasis preparing for things which would allow us to spend a lot less time dealing with the unexpected while it’s happening or after it happened?

We can’t all be as thorough as this person (and to be fair, in most of our lives we don’t have to be because unlike most of us, if he doesn’t prepare for something, someone can die) but most of us can be a lot more proactive in our preparation.

Have a great day!


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