Fix the cause not the symptom

Recently I was asked to look at a company that was creating a mobile app to be used by restaurants and hotels for reviews. The app had various functionality’s but it’s big selling point was people could make positive reviews of the hotels or restaurants and it would automatically be posted to their Facebook or Twitter accounts but if someone would make a negative review it would get intercepted so that it would be more difficult to post to their social media account. This way the owners of the apps would only get positive reviews and would look better to the general public.

Wouldn’t it be better to look at the actual negative reviews and FIX the actual causes of the negative reviews rather than try to block the negative reviews? If people are complaining about bad service the easy solution is to block the complaints. The proper solution is to fix the bad service. If the hotel has dirty hallways or elevators, wouldn’t the best solution be to clean the hallways and elevators?

Sometimes it’s easier to fix the symptom but isn’t it better to fix the cause instead?

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