Too busy to be successful

Recently I met with a small business owner who was complaining about how much time, energy and money it cost to get new business. When I asked her if she had a list of past customers and if she was using that to market to her past/current customers her response was “I have that in my database but I don’t have the time to do that since getting new customers takes so much time.

Why would someone think a potential new customer is more valuable or more important than a current customer?

Isn’t this similar to the customer service person (could be a hostess at a restaurant, front desk clerk at a hotel, salesperson at a store) who thinks the person on the phone (who may or may not become a customer) is more important than the person who is already at the location. I know that in some people’s mind the person on the phone is more important because the person who is already there is…already there so wont be going anywhere but this short sighted thinking does affect repeat customers.

Being so busy worrying about the next customer might be the reason your past customers aren’t returning as much as you might like.

Don’t be so busy that you don’t have time to be successful.

Have a great day!


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