Preparing ahead of time

Yesterday we had a conference call with a prospective customer scheduled. We allocated 1 hour for the call and it took…8 minutes.

Why did it only take 8 minutes? The caller sent his questions ahead of time which allowed us to know what he was interested in, gave us proper time to prepare our response and allowed for a very productive 8 minute call.

If he hadn’t sent the questions ahead of time, it might have taken the full hour and then required follow up to allow the time to gather the information needed for a proper response.

Admittedly, while the call only took 8 minutes it probably took us an additional 15 minutes to prepare our responses so it did take a bit longer (and it took some time for him to prepare the questions). However, this was an incredibly productive way to do things.

When you schedule a call or a meeting, do you do the proper preparation ahead of time to make the call or meeting as efficient as possible? If not, why not?

Have a great day!


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