Initial observations

A local company was looking for a new manager. They took in resumes, did a few interviews and picked a prospective hire. Next they asked this person if she would spend a day shadowing another manager (with pay) to see if this is really what she would want to do. The day of shadowing went well and an offer was made and accepted.

Before this new managers start date she was asked to put together a list of ideas/suggestions based on her observations from that day of shadowing. 90 days after her start date, that list will be looked at again to see if things have improved or if things have changed or possibly if the initial observation had been incorrect.

I think this is a brilliant way to get a new perspective and also to later on revisit it to reevaluate and keep moving forward.

Can this concept be adapted for your own use?

Just a thought.

Have a great day!


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