If you are good at something…

If you are good at something does that mean you have to do it?

If someone is 7 feet tall and very coordinated they might be a good basketball player but does that mean they have to play basketball?

If someone has a great singing voice does that mean they have to pursue a singing career?

It’s easy for someone with a particular talent to get pushed in a direction to capitalize upon their talent (mainly by the rest of us who might wish we had that talent) but it’s more important to pursue things we truly enjoy.

The 7 footer might make a great basketball player but it also might make him miserable so why shouldn’t he pursue what would make him happy?

The person with a great voice might make a successful singer but if that makes her miserable is it really worth it?

If your talent and your interests are similar that is GREAT. If not, do what makes you happy…in the long run it will be worth it.

Have a great day!


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