Fear of the Unknown

So many of us have such a fear of the unknown that it’s difficult to wrap our head around change even when it’s faster, easier and better.

An example is the fear of online purchases. I still get asked somewhat regularly “is it safe to use a credit card to buy something on Amazon?” While there are some risks in shopping online, buying something on Amazon.com is a LOT safer than what people do regularly at their local restaurant where they hand their credit card to a person who walks away for 5 minutes and then returns having charged their card. What else might this person have done with your credit card? Might she have charged something else? Written down your numbers for future use? Sold the numbers to someone else? While you might feel more comfortable using a credit or debit card in your local establishment, the truth is the Amazon’s and PayPals of the world are as safe, if not much safer.

The same is true with the “Cloud”. There is a concern hosting files, or email, or anything in the “cloud” but no hesitancy of self hosting with the local IT guy taking control of the servers. Which do you think is more up to date, your little datacenter in your closet or the datacenter managed by Google or Amazon or Rackspace? These large cloud hosts have experts whose sole responsibility is keeping their datacenters as safe and secure as possible. The local IT guy will usually do their best but they are most likely being pulled in many different directions so while they are trying to keep their servers patched, they are also trying to help the end users retrieve their passwords, fix their printers and update MS Office.

Some fear is natural but it’s also important to look at the facts and many of your fears will quickly go away

Have a great day!


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