Win this one

It’s easy to think long term.

If we don’t win this game, we have plenty more chances and can make it up.

If we don’t make this sale, there are more opportunities for more sales so don’t worry about it.

If we lose this customer, there are plenty more where they came from.

If we fail this time, we can succeed in our next attempt

While this might be a healthy way to look at things, it’s NOT the way real winners look at things. They want to win every game. They want to make every sale. They want to make every customer happy. It’s not about the next 100 it’s about this 1.

Try to win the current competition (and by competition it could mean game, customer, sale etc) and then try to win the next current competition. It’s this striving to win them all which will allow you to win most.

Have a great day!


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