Pivot vs Start over

When looking at doing something differently, you have a couple of options, you can pivot or you can start over.

When you pivot you use the same starting point and frequently the same foundation. When you start over, you are starting from scratch.

A farmer might make the change from growing corn to green beans in a specific field and he can most likely use the same land, the same equipment, the same help to farm that and. All he is doing is pivoting and using the same foundation. On the other hand, if he decides to change from being a corn farmer to making rocket ships, he truly would be starting from scratch.

A successful business person can go from making fiberglass boats to fiberglass pools to fiberglass campers because he is using the same knowledge of the raw material and just pivoting in terms of the end product. If he were to change to medical research it would be a completely different story.

When possible, if changing your business, or looking to grow your business, consider pivoting rather than starting over.

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