Influencing chatter

The other day I was listening to people discuss how they are dealing with what people are saying about their businesses on social media. The opinions ranged from responding to every post or tweet to hiring a company that can create fake posts and try to bury other posts.

It was interesting because the thing I didn’t hear was “maybe we should fix what people are complaining about”.

Last night I was thinking about this and was reminded of a conversation I had with the late Robert Wong when I first met him. I had asked him how he markets and if he goes to competitors restaurants to see what they were doing well and what they were doing poorly. His response was interesting. He said he considered his real marketing to be what he and his employees did inside the restaurant. If they provide great food and great customer service, the customers would spread the message for him. This goes back to the basic concept of control the controllables.

We can’t control what people say but if we give them a great experience we influence what they think. If they think good things they are more likely to tell others.

This doesn’t deal with the random curmudgeon who hates everything or the competitor who might post lies but it does deal with the rest of the people out there.

If you want to influence what people say about your business, provide them with a great experience and the rest will take care of itself.

Have a great day!


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