When people talk about being successful in business they frequently refer to money. If/when they hit a certain number they think that will make them successful.

Wouldn’t a better way to gauge this type of success be freedom?

If a person sets a certain dollar amount as their definition of success and it requires them working 100 hours a week to achieve that amount, is that really successful?

On the other hand, if a person makes enough so they can choose whether to put in a lot of hours or very little, isn’t that a better indicator of success?

If a person makes a lot of money and can afford to go on great vacations but can’t take the time to do so, what good is that? If the same person can make less money but can afford to take the time to go on vacation (even if it’s not as grand) isn’t that freedom worth something?

For some people who have made a great deal, they will continue to work very hard (the Warren Buffet types come to mind) but that is a decision on their part. They have the freedom to do so or not to.

What would it take for you to have the freedom to do what you want?

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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