Features vs Benefits vs Impact on me

When looking at how to sell a product or service the marketing people always emphasize the benefits as opposed to the features. This is a good thing

Wouldn’t it be better if they emphasized the impact on the individual over the benefit? It’s not an easy thing to do but would be more beneficial.

As an example a feature of a software program might be an easier interface. The benefit would be it allows the end user to get things done faster and better. The individual impact would show how using this program would allow for 30 minutes less time using the program and 30 minutes more for other things.

While this might be difficult to quantify (since each person is different) it might be worth doing through a story. If you can paint a picture in the end users mind of them having more free time (to accomplish more or to spend time with their families etc) then it’s easier for them to justify the purchase and use of the program.

Features are nice. Benefits are better. If you can sell me on the impact on myself, then you are likely to make the sale.

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