Are they the same thing?

Recently someone called me “quirky”.

The more I thought about this descriptive the more I thought “so what is the difference between being called crazy, quirky or eccentric?” Is the big difference the level of success? A crazy person who is very successful might be classified as eccentric (for years people referred to Howard Hughes as eccentric when the reality is he was crazy). A person with the same tendencies as the eccentric person but without the level of success might be called quirky.

Taking this in a different direction, if your boss makes a suggestion that you think is foolish you might say it’s “interesting”. If an underling were to make this same suggestion you might refer to it as “stupid”. It’s the same thing but different words based on the level of the person.

Wouldn’t it be better if we used the same descriptive for all people, regardless of level of success?

In the meantime, I’ll accept quirky but am striving for eccentric, it will mean I have accomplished more

Just something to think about…or not

Have a great day!


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