Talent doesn’t always scale

When someone has talent we frequently assume they can scale this to the next level. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true.

As an example, someone might be able to prepare magnificent meals at home. People might think that same person would be a wonderful executive chef at a nice restaurant (or they would be a great restaurant owner). The problems start when the person who is accustomed to preparing one meal for a few has to now prepare different meals for many. Even if they can successfully do this, it doesn’t mean they understand the cost issues involved (when cooking for friends costs might not matter much but when you have to make a profit, you better know every cost and price accordingly). Add in the delegating, the scheduling etc and you realize it’s nothing like cooking at home.

A coach at a small D3 college football program might be great at working with his players, keeping the administration happy and winning games. That same person moves up to a large D1 program and they might quickly find the amount of time spent with donors, the media, recruiting etc is very different.

It would be nice if talent would always scale but in many cases that isn’t the case at all

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