Not my problem

It’s easy to say “I didn’t do that” or ‘”not my problem” but the truth is, the actions of people under us, over us and equal to us are our problem.

If you look at the situation involving the Rutgers University basketball coach as an example, we can learn a lot. The head basketball coach behaved in a terrible manner. His direct boss (the AD) reprimanded him in a way that was significantly less than was deserved. When the information (in this case the video) became public the coach was fired (which is the absolute minimum of what should have happened) and the AD “resigned”. The president of the University is under fire. The assistant coaches are all out of a job (I believe) and the program is in turmoil.

The people who report to us, the people we report to and the people at the same level of us do things that will effect us short and long term. If they do something illegal and we don’t stop it, we are essentially condoning it. If they do something immoral and we accept it, shame on us.

We can’t always change the actions of others but we sure as hell can react accordingly.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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