The value of time

What if we started charging more for wasted time and less for productive time? Do you think some things might change?

Let’s look at the education system for a moment. Most teachers (I believe) become teachers because they want to work with kids and make a difference. They certainly didn’t decide to become teachers for the money or for the recognition. Unfortunately, they also didn’t become teachers to spend as much time as they currently spend in meetings, doing paperwork, making lesson plans that they don’t follow etc. What if we were to change their pay methodology so they get paid slightly less (on an hourly rate) than they are currently making for the hours they spend in the classroom and DOUBLE their current rate for the hours they spend doing non essential non teaching tasks? My guess is school systems would find a way to have the teachers spend more time teaching so they could save money. The net result would be teachers would make approximately the same amount, teachers would spend more time in the classrooms teaching and students would get more of the teachers time. Is this too idealistic to actually implement? Probably. If it could be modified so the concept was applied, would it make a difference? YES

What if we were to look in the medical field. Would you be willing to pay slightly more for a doctors appointment if you knew that every minute they kept you waiting (either waiting to be seen initially or waiting at another point) the price would go down (it would not count as “billable waiting” if you need to wait X minutes for the lab to process a test etc)? Do you think some doctors would work differently if they knew that their patients wasted time was going to cost them money?

What if employees were paid extra for having attended a meeting that wasted their time? All of a sudden do you think the time spent in meetings would be more productive and less wasteful?

In the web design industry, what if we charged less for a web site and double for every time we have to waste time making a change that will ultimately be changed back or end up hurting the site in the long run?

I realize that non of these can actually be applied (although I am seriously considering it for my web design business) but what if we simply started respecting other peoples time more?

Sorry for wasting your time with this.

Have a great day!


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