Many people are afraid of failure. They don’t want to let others down. They don’t want to be perceived in a negative light. They don’t want to be classified as a “loser”.

Others are afraid of success. If they do something really well they have raised the bar and will be expected to replicate this in the future. They fear that being labeled a “one hit wonder” might be worse than never having a hit in the first place. They fear the added responsibility and the added expectations might not be worth it.

Whether it’s fear of success or fear of failure, fear will hold many people back.

Others use fear to their advantage. They might have grown up poor and once they make some money have a fear of ever going back to being poor so they stay motivated. They might “stay hungry” because of this fear.

The key is to recognize your fear, know what you are afraid of and figure out how to use it to your advantage and not let it hold you back.

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