Excuses vs Responsibility

A local restaurant has announced they will be closing the end of the month. That is sad.

In the article about the closing the owner is quick to place some of the blame on the city. The city has towed 5 patrons cars from a parking lot in the past week. The parking enforcement quickly tickets people whose meters have expired. These are some of the reasons ‘credited’ for the demise of this restaurant. On Facebook I saw a discussion where many people seemed to blame the “parking gestapo” (their words NOT MINE). Since when is it the fault of the police for towing people PARKED ILLEGALLY? Since when is it the fault of parking enforcement for ticketing people WHOSE METERS HAVE EXPIRED? Should the meters be longer than an hour? Probably. Should parking be free on Saturdays? Maybe. Are these decisions that are made by, or should be made by the police? NO! They are doing their job and to blame them for enforcing the laws, as they are currently written is absurd.

Rather than trying to place blame on others maybe we should start taking responsibility. There are restaurants all over the world with bad parking situations who are thriving because they have great food and service. There are places who offset bad parking by offering valet parking or make arrangements with private lots. If we look within and figure out how to offset any disadvantage we might have we can succeed. The alternative is to keep placing blame elsewhere until we fail.

Have a great day!


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