Business Cards

Some people believe business cards are obsolete. Others, on the other hand, still use them and find them invaluable.

If you have business cards is there anything about them that make you stand out? If you are at a conference where everyone is exchanging business cards is there anything about your card that is memorable enough that they will connect it to you? Last week I was given a business card by someone who works with technology for bats (yes there truly are people out there that do bat technology and no, bat is not an acronym for something else, it’s those creatures that fly around). On the back of his business card is a big picture of hundreds of bats in a cave. It was difficult not to notice the picture and if I had a stack of a hundred business cards, his would be the easiest to find.

I occasionally use a business card and in my case mine is on brown paper (it’s 100% recycled paper and it doesn’t make sense to use recycled paper and then bleach it white). It’s a different color and feel than more others so it’s different enough to be somewhat memorable.

Is there anything memorable about your business card?

Have a great day!


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