When coaching athletic teams, we have to make sure that the players on the bench are prepared to step in and perform at a high level when needed.

When working with organizations, we have to make sure our benches are strong as well.

If something happens to your assistant do you have someone ready to step in and take over? Does that person have the skill set, the training, the knowledge to do so?

If your top salesperson quits do you have someone ready to step up and make sure sales continue?

If something happens to your primary revenue source do you have the funding in place to keep you going while you develop the next revenue source?

It’s easy to look at things in the present but we also have to be able to anticipate the future and be prepared for the things that might happen. This might mean having employees who are ready to step into other positions. It might mean having a list of people you would want to consider hiring if something happens. It might mean having lines of credit available to carry you over till things get back on track.

The time to plan for the future is now, not when it happens

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