What will be the tipping point

Developing the better mousetrap isn’t good enough if the previous mousetrap did the job well enough.

A slightly better restaurant isn’t good enough if everyone already likes their current restaurant.

A slightly faster software program isn’t good enough if the current programs are fast enough.

Being better isn’t always good enough if people are content with the way things currently are. It’s important to look at the opposition and see what will make people actually switch over. Better isn’t enough. There is always a “tipping point” which is the thing that will make a person switch.

The challenge is that each person has a different tipping point. The thing that makes one person switch might not make another person switch but if you look deeply enough, you can deduce what will, and what wont, make people change.

In order to determine this tipping point, you need to look at what you have but you also need to look at what your competitors offer to see what will make the difference.

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